Kibbutz Grofit

10 Feb

I’m living at the Hai-Bar Yotvata Wildlife Animal Preserve in the Negev, Israel. Here are some photos of my accommodations as well as the animals I care for on a daily basis.

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As I wake up I see Ostriches,  scimitar horned oryx , Ibexes, Arabian oryx , Onagers, and the African wild ass roaming free through the open space. They come up to the truck and sometimes even the Ostriches try to race us. Then I arrive at work and begin to chop vegetables for the small animals and owls, hawks, and various birds and rodents we play host to on the preserve. After the food is prepared I take off to look after the Predators, which include the Blanford’s fox, Fenec, Sand Fox, wolves, sand cat, caracal, striped hyena, leopard, Egyptian Vulture, Griffith Vulture, and the Lappet faced vulture. The work with animals is not always glamorous, so yes i’ve cleaned up my fair share of animal poop and swept the cages but I’ve also gotten up close and personal with these animals which is a special and unique treat. The Parrots are some of my favorite animals to visit, i named one twitter, and one gramps, the other 6 are still awaiting their names. The porcipines are really cute looking and their quills are SO sharp! They lose some every night so each morning we collect them, I have a nice supply of about 5. After the animals are taken care of we have been refurbishing a habitat for an endangered desert turtle. We were building turtle love shacks and laying new sand and giving them nice shady spots where they can get their love on and hopefully make more baby turtles. Each day more animals get released back into the wild which is nice, you can always tell which birds were just released as they tend to stick close to the reserve, i mean c’mon it is where all their friends are. While I am at work when I look to the right I see Israeli mountains if I look to th left I see Jordanian mountains which are off limit. After work I usually would go back to my apartment but I was recently moved to the Kibbutz which is so cool. There are Lots of volunteers from all over the world who are here, and we all congregate together, walk the kibbutz, talk, and enjoy the evening all of us having put in 8.5 hour days working out in the sun in some facet. 

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