Dos Pueblos High School Senior Prom 2011

4 Apr

I had the wonderful privilege of being able to shoot some wonderful Dos Pueblos High School seniors and their dates before they took off for prom.


Seeing my brother stress over getting his tie set just right, making sure his shoes were perfect and clean, and then the look on his face as he went to Alice Keck Park Park, the same place where just 4 years earlier I was standing eagerly looking for my Prom Date and prom crew, as he first laid eyes on his Prom date. A smile just grew across his face, his friends were so happy and excited. I remembered my dad telling me not to think that my own prom would be like the academy awards that it was just a dance but to have fun. I also remember coming home and thinking that with all due respect he was off his rocker. Prom was amazing, I felt like the belle of the ball. Seeing my brother and all of his friends having the same excitement surging through their bodies that my friends and I had was so special. They were dressed up and it was their night, they looked incredible, and just when you were forgetting their youth the girls would explode into what my friends and I respectfully refer to as, “the girl giggle.” The boys, even though any were in fact in relationships with their dates, still huddled together reppin how tough they were. Though they all melted when they looked at their date. The ever present idea, that tonight is the night, the night where you are a star.


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