Live The LIfe You Want

25 Apr

Just remember that at any given moment we can change whatever we want about ourselves, but also remember that at any given moment we can accept the things about us that we can’t change or do not want to change.
For me that meant accepting that I am very sensitive, sometimes too much. However this also means that I love big, I want to take care of people, I would not say I want to please people but I do want to make people feel good and to smile. This also meant that sometimes when the conversation runs dull that I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that it is not my job to get it going again, though I won’t not say something if I have something to contribute. This also means that this year I made a serious conscious effort to not talk about people behind their backs. Now here is the thing, even though I still did say a few things because no one is perfect I sincerely believe that I succeeded. Anytime I wanted to gossip about someone I would either write it down and email it to someone who had no idea who the person was, or I would just write it down and delete it, or forget the person entirely because what is the point? You know why this was a success for me? It is because no one can come up to you and say the following, “I heard you tell so and so that you said this about me and blah blah blah.” This radically altered the amount of unnecessary drama in my life and that truthfully helped create a happier environment for me. I also really tried to be an active listener, to people.I also learned that there are things about me that apparently can drive people up the wall, however there must be enough good about me that I have wonderful friends some of whom have been in my life for 10 years some even longer, gotta be doing something right. Furthermore I started realizing the things I keep putting off, why not just get the ball rolling. Because I kept saying just start it that helped me to finish things. I started this blog after being published on TasteTLV, I created several photobooks on for people, I started a philanthropy to honor my grandfather, and I also found a Hip Hop class that I can take with my schedule. Last summer my friend Kara and I realized we were “the only two people” we knew who didn’t go hiking in our town so we decided that once a week we would tackle the mountain trails and it was so wonderful. We were always up early, would hike for an hour or two hours then go grab a smoothie at backyard bowls. This was so incredible. Also one day I wanted to just spend the whole day at the beach and see who showed up. I did just that, I brought some beer, some fruit, and people came and went as the day progressed bringing food, and drinks and music and fun. So what I’m saying is, if not now, when? If you don’t try you’ll have this amazing list of things you’ve always wanted to do, well why not make it a list of things you have done?!


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