Southern Cali girl in the South

9 May

Well here I am a southern girl in a new kind of south. I do have to say that people here are so friendly I love it. Also the roads are huge! So for a driver like me who is easily distracted…or rather overly aware I am so happy. Though somehow I feel the roads are designed somewhat different to what I am used to. Also what happened to all the freeways? All I see are highways which means the speed limit is 55MPH!
Anyway today I am off to explore the city and check out several places for living situations. Tomorrow are the places I am most interested in but since I have just 4 days to figure out my living situation for the next year to two years I would prefer to look at a variety of places.
Also the plane ride to chicago is only 20 minutes….hello weekends! Honestly I think ill be making that trip frequently.
I am happy to be here it is just so different than anywhere i have ever lived. I am excited though…very nervous but staying strong. Alright y’all hope your dreams are coming true!


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