22 Oct

Here are the races I have so far competed in from 2011-Present
Friendship Walk 5k (San Diego, CA)

Breast Cancer Walk 5k (San Diego, CA) – My sorority , Alpha Pi Sigma, Sorority Inc. always participates in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. It starts in Balboa park and takes you through the park, and onto the freeway, which is quite exciting. There is a sea of pink and women and men who are walking to make a difference. I set a fundraising goal for myself of 100$ and I met that goal. I also encouraged my sisters to set goals for themselves as well, and as the years have progressed we have increased our donation as well as our presence in the walk.

Nike Night Run 10k (Tel Aviv, Israel) – The hardest race I had done, but when I arrived in Israel in September I saw the sign for the race which would occur in November and I just knew I had to do it. I trained diligently for it and ran a fair amount. The sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing was spectacular.

Alzheimer’s Walk 5k (Lexington, KY) – I did this race in honor of my Grandfather, my Grandmother, as well as my Great Aunt.

Color Run 5k (Ran and was a Captain of Color) (Cinncinatti, OH) – This was by far the most fun I’ve had during a race, first of all as a participant having color thrown at you and dancing through, not feeling the pressure to finish first made it all the more fun. Also there are babies to grandparents participating. Now as a captain of color volunteer that was perhaps equally as fun since we were assisting in making the race all the more enjoyable for the runners, we covered our section in orange to the point where we all resembled cheeto children.

Run Like Hell 5k (Louisville, KY) – This one I didn’t train for, I’ve just been walking 30-45 minutes 5 days a week, however I did PR which was wonderful and made me happy. I see little improvements which add to my success. I love the race environment, the energy, and I love doing these with friends!

Zombie Run 5k (Zombie Volunteer) (Lexington, KY) – This race was an absolute blast, I did end up walking close to the 3 miles even with the volunteering, lots of high energy sprints involved in snatching the “life” away from people. Also I ran into a girl from my program which was wonderful, and there were all kinds of zombies. I went for classic scary zombie, however we had a betrothed zombie pairing, a cross dressing zombie, and a zombie flinstone!

Extreme Rampage 4 Miler (Lexington, KY) – I can thank Groupon for this, I convinced my coworker to do this race with me a month before the race happened. It was our first mud run obstacle course and it was an absolute blast! We were covered in mud, ran through creek beds, up over hills, and a human car wash. This was so much fun to do with a friend!

Turkey Trot 5K (Kansas City, MO) – I have wanted to do a thanksgidving day race for several years now and finally, in Kansas City, MO I did it with my Media Narnaja. Although we did encounter a mixup. As I was driving from Kentucky to Kansas, 10 hours, she was going to pick up our race packets. well when she got to the location they didn’t have my name registerd at all, she called me and I emailed her my registration information. it was at this moment that she asked, is there another race going on, on Thanksgiving? The woman said, oh well right now you’re in Kansas City, Kansas, there is another race going on in Kansas City, Missouri. Which was where I was registered, so we each paid for two separate races mere miles apart from each other. Well she high tailed it to my packet pickup location, took one look at the epic shirts for my race and registered for it, see folks a shirt can change your mind!

Glow in the Night 5k (Lexington, KY) – Well I was able to gather a team together for this race, Dream Team! 4 girls from Public Health! Two of the girls had never competed in a 5k race before, but they were ready to get down and dirty and glow in the night. We had a great time, we walked, ran, jogged, danced, and skipped the whole race. Then we headed out to Waffle House where the staff looked at us like we were insane. However I think anyong eating at Waffle House, is a little off their rocker.

My goal is to do a half or a full marathon in one year!


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