Countries I’ve Touched Down In

26 Nov

Okay well the length of time in each place varies, I have lived in North America, Israel, and Spain for significant amounts of time. However I have traveled to all of the countries listed. I have photo albums that depict much of what I have seen in these countries. I’m going to say that I’ve been blessed to see so many things, I’m now working very hard and learning just how expensive the world is. However I’m also blessed to have family and friends who encourage me to go out and live and explore. Sometimes just putting things out into the universe is really what you need to do. For instance, when I first arrived in Kentucky for graduate school, I had heard that February was the coldest month here. I had laughed saying, “well then I just won’t be here for that month.” everyone responded with, well that is during the school year so what are you going to do?, Then just last week I was offered a trip to china, where all of my professors and bosses were on oard with, and what month is this trip during, February! Luck, planning, and that feeling you get like you’re free falling, is a magical combination!

  1. USA
  2. Mexico
  3. Canada
  4. Spain
  5. Israel
  6. Jordan
  7. Egypt
  8. Morrocco
  9. Italy
  10. France
  11. Portugal
  12. England
  13. Scottland
  14. Ireland
  15. Germany
  16. Czech Repulic
  17. Poland
  18. Greece
  19. Belgium
  20. Netherlands
  21. Austria
  22. Switzerland
  23. China – as of February 2013!

Go broke now, you’ll have a lifetime to make money.


I’ve traveled by means of, planes, trains, automobiles, cruise ship, horseback, buses, and of course just using my own two feet!


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