Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

28 Nov

Do bad things really come in 3’s? Am I the only one who has ever heard this before, I feel like it is usally said only after several large scale bad things happen as a way to believe that the rough part is over. As for my family, I feel that this year has brought us a series of horrific issues.

1. I was for all intensive purposes miserable when I was leaving for graduate school, and through the first 3 months. Also let me specify that while I’m no longer miserable and believe that I’m as happy as I can be here, the happy I feel back in California is unmatched by anything here. Trust me when I say I’m honestly throwing myself into the town here as much as possible, through races, events, shopping, dining, and things of that sort.

2. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer, he is thankfully in chemotherapy and I will be seeing him over christmas.

3. My parents were in a car accident, and luckily just the car was totaled. They walked away with only bumps and bruises.

4. I just found out that yesterday my house caught on fire and we won’t be able to move home for upwards of 3-4 months.

I love my family, and wish I was with them right now. I burst into tears last night when my mom told me what happened.


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