Mayan Calendar 12-21-12

19 Dec

Lets just think about this for a minute
I am more worried than a Masters student should be let’s just say that. Here is the reason behind this, it was in my APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History) class at Dos Pueblos High School when I had a substitute teacher. Now the substitute we had was a legend, everyone wanted him. He had all of these conspiracy theories and if you could get him talking about aliens, boom, no class for you that day. Well someone during that Sophomore year decided to ask this highly encourageable teacher about theories regarding the apocolypse. We all sat and listened as he went through theories and dates that had all been debunked. However he said the Mayan calendar did end on 12-21-12, I quickly did the math in my head and realized that if the Mayans were correct and if the world did in fact end in 2012 I would still be, (and I remember this thought fondly) “still so young! I’d have so much left to live for.” It is one thing if someone predicted the world ending when you are 89, or even 100 I mean c’mon you’ve probably had a raucus good time but to be early twenties, I was shocked someone would have predicted the end to the earth that would cut my life short. Needless to say once my roommate in college found out about my phobia and hidden belief that perhaps the Mayans were right she began a facebook war that included countdowns until the end of the world and links to websites that “proved” that the Mayans were right. However G-d never gives us more than we can handle, and opens a window and all that jazz. She IS afraid of Aliens, so when I say facebook war we went at it posting things that we knew scared the other for hours until finally our third roommate was like, okay you two are both now just doing this because you are too afraid to go to sleep. Just stop and let it go. Either you wake up on the 22nd of December, 2012 or…well you don’t so sleep well.

However my potential “last” week involves
Steamy kisses, a trip up north, a trip home to see family, a trip down south for friends, frivolity, and DISNEYLAND park hopper!
Bring it on Mayans!


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